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2020/11/03 - v1.3.11
  • IMPROVED: Restructure of files and minor edits for public release.
  • FIX: Path lists on the homepage finally fixed after 4 years.
2018/05/20 - v1.3.10
  • IMPROVED: Run ETK Addict on EST time zone, as that is where the game server is based.
  • IMPROVED: SEO improvements.
2018/05/09 - v1.3.9

Another long overdue update.

  • IMPROVED: Added missing legend icons/colour.
  • IMPROVED: Backend code updated to improve development.
  • IMPROVED: Framework updated to latest version.
  • FIX: Calculator now accurate for higher stats.
  • FIX: Styling for Stats box.
2016/09/02 - v1.3.8
  • NEW: Legend icon added for coliseum.
  • NEW: Backend changes for gzip compression.
  • IMPROVED: Minified of some Javascript.
  • IMPROVED: Added fonts to browser caching.
  • IMPROVED: Now using font families for better OS support.
  • IMPROVED: Minor adjustments to mobile views.
  • IMPROVED: Backend changes for browser caching, upped from 4 hours to 1 month.
2016/08/03 - v1.3.7

Long overdue update.

  • NEW: Legend icons added for Ee san and daily quests.
  • IMPROVED: Bootstrap updated to 3.3.7.
  • IMPROVED: Bootstrap Table updated to 1.11.0.
  • IMPROVED: jQuery updated to 3.1.0.
  • IMPROVED: Font Awesome updated to 3.6.3.
  • IMPROVED: Framework updated to latest version.
  • FIX: Celestial Blessing indicator.
  • FIX: Javascript elements now on change rather than on input to improve browser compatibility (Requires hitting enter or clicking off of the box).
2016/03/21 - v1.3.6
  • IMPROVED: Added custom color for Valentine's day event.
  • IMPROVED: Re-ordered cron so events update before users. Now if there is an error with users, events are still updated.
  • FIX: Improved cron to better handle blank legend entries.
2016/01/26 - v1.3.5
  • NEW: Each table will now remember what you search, set for records per page and column sorting.
  • IMPROVED: Some tables will now also let you search by path or clan.
  • IMPROVED: Sorted classes by progression lines, added Ee san mark and path names. - Thanks Stelio
  • IMPROVED: Major overhaul and rewrite of the data importer and import time has been reduced by 50%.
  • IMPROVED: Non-existant clans are now removed from the database.
  • IMPROVED: Bootstrap updated to 3.3.6.
  • IMPROVED: Bootstrap Table updated to 1.10.0.
  • IMPROVED: jQuery updated to 1.12.0.
  • IMPROVED: Framework updated to latest version.
  • FIX: CSS for stat box fixed for raised stat cap.
  • FIX: Progress bar width for celestial blessing when over $100.
2015/12/06 - v1.3.4
  • FIX: Event names updated.
2015/12/01 - v1.3.3
  • IMPROVED: Added "Last Seen" column to clan lists. Those without dates, haven't logged in since before the 22nd November.
2015/11/25 - v1.3.2
  • FIX: Single event victories were not being recorded, as legend changes from victory to victories based on count. - Thanks Jakle
  • FIX: Corrected rating for those with no wins and now showing negative ratings.
2015/11/22 - v1.3.1
  • FIX: Online status for all characters now tracked correctly.
2015/11/20 - v1.3
  • NEW: "Calculators" section added with new weapon and item upgrade calculators.
  • NEW: Stats image box added to character profiles. - Thanks Lifewater
  • IMPROVED: HTML improvements on the home page, including event timers and celestial blessing.
  • IMPROVED: Event rating system now better reflects losses.
  • IMPROVED: New event countdown, will now count up once it reaches 0 (if you don't refresh the page).
  • IMPROVED: Complete rework of the character profiles.
  • IMPROVED: Now showing each player's power level.
  • IMPROVED: Better security checks for some forms.
  • IMPROVED: Reduced number of javascript files and removed UserReport, keeping feedback link.
  • IMPROVED: Compressed javascript files for better performance.
  • IMPROVED: Bootstrap updated to 3.3.5.
  • IMPROVED: Bootstrap Table updated to 1.9.1.
  • IMPROVED: jQuery updated to 1.11.3.
  • IMPROVED: Framework updated to latest version.
  • FIX: Fixed labels for character profile page.
  • FIX: Minor improvement to accuracy of EXP calculator.
2015/10/31 - v1.2.1
  • FIX: Not parsing pillow fight victories correctly, so wins weren't being recorded or shown. - Thanks Rambo
2015/10/29 - v1.2
  • NEW: Rating system has been added to better rank players in each event. - Thanks to KOF for this idea.
  • NEW: No longer require 15 participations of an event to show in the rankings. The requirement is now 1 win.
  • FIX: Event participation count was wrong if the player had been banned, improved parsing of legend.
2015/10/20 - v1.1
  • NEW: Experience bugs out after 4.2b, we now show character experience on their profile page.
  • FIX: Character history now honors the right to be forgotten.
2015/10/16 - v1.0
  • NEW: Added "most hunted" feature.
  • NEW: Now tracking stat purchases.
  • IMPROVED: Better sanity and fault handling of the APIs.
  • IMPROVED: Character legends enhanced by adding background, colours and icons.
  • IMPROVED: New bootstrap theme is being used.
2015/09/09 - v0.5.3.1
  • EXP Calculator bug fix for non-numeric characters.
2015/09/09 - v0.5.3
  • Improved output of the EXP Calculator.
2015/06/25 - v0.5.2
  • Adjusted Celestial Blessing indicator to match new system.
  • Implemented some W3C markup recommendations and HTML fixes.
  • Improved loading of stylesheets.
2015/06/22 - v0.5.1
  • HTML fix for broken tabs on profile view, this only caused issues with players not showing their legend.
2015/06/20 - v0.5
  • Feedback link added and minor navigation changes.
  • Exp calculator added to user profiles, big shout out to Stelio and my fiancĂ© for helping with this!.
2015/06/16 - v0.4.2
  • New UserReport feedback system!
2015/06/16 - v0.4.1
  • Character search can now do 1 and 2 characters... Thanks "Z"!
  • Clan member lists now use json tables too.
  • Minor changes for browser cached files.
2015/05/20 - v0.4
  • Search engine improvements.
  • Added formatting for gold on characters index page based on number of digits.
  • Added formatting character totals on characters index page based on number of digits.
  • Added rankings to characters profile pages.
  • Removed code left in during testing.
2015/05/17 - v0.3.1
  • Fix for ETK Addict's right to be forgotten - Data was removed from database if user hid an element such as their stats, but not if they removed the character's userpage entirely.
  • Fixes for browser caching.
2015/05/15 - v0.3
  • Changelog added to about page.
  • Added missing variables to character pages.
  • Minor style changes.
2015/05/14 - v0.2.1
2015/05/13 - v0.2
  • Added total gold count to game totals.
  • Changes to the backend structure for development.
2015/05/12 - v0.1
  • Initial Release.