ETK Addict

This website was coded by Holland from ETK Codex as side project to provide user and power lists to the players of ExtremeTK.

Game Statistics

The content of this site is pulled from ExtremeTK's list of APIs available to the community.

Data is pulled from these APIs and stored in our databases where we can manipulate the data, however we support the right to be forgotten, should you choose to hide your stats or legend we will respect your choice by removing this data.


We in no way claim this site to be 100% Accurate, as data could be incorrect for a number of reasons:

  • Data served by API is incorrect (GMs will need to fix this).
  • Players are not showing their character's Stats/Legend/Gold.
  • Website's code has incorrectly manipulated the data.
Hidden Stats / Legend

Some characters will inform you they are not showing their stats or legend.


If this is your character and you would like to show either of these you can do so by hitting "F1" in game, selecting to the 'User page' option and go though each question. Once completed this data will then be imported during the next API poll.


Those who choose to display their stats will be able to see a history of how much they have hunted each day and what they have spent their XP on. We do not track characters which are not level 99 as there is little point and it would take up a lot of space in the database over time.

Power Level

What is power level?

Your power level is how your strength is calculated in ETK, it is based on your total spent XP.

If you are level 98, your level will be used as your power level.

However once you are level 99, the character's total XP cost of vita, mana and stat points will be taken into consideration. A character with a power level of 3,384 means their total spent XP is 3.384b.

Item and Weapon Upgrades

What's the difference between 'Current' and 'Prenerf'?

It used to be when crafters upgraded items they gave much better stat increases than they do now. Although they are now less common, these items still exist so I've added this to the calculator.

There is no way to tell if an item is prenerf, other than equipping it and seeing how much your stats go up.
When purchasing an item, ALWAYS assume it is a current generation upgrade.


If you've got a suggestion to give or bug you'd like to report you can do so at our UserReport page.